Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Indiana Pacers

So we're still in Indianapolis having a great time, meeting lots and lots of really cool people who we've been hanging out with most days. We've been to see the local NBA Basketball team (Indiana Pacers) twice now, both times they lost but it's really great fun.

We're currently playing some cards with a few friends and having a few drinks ready for new years eve tomorrow.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, today we got up - it was freezing and raining outside, so we didn't go into town. Garth, (the guy that runs this house) asked if we wanted to go to the supermarket with him, he also suggested we go to this all you can eat chinese buffet, which we did. So we went to the buffet and it was amazing, there was so much food, so much dessert, everything you can ask for. So then Garth took us around all of the supermarkets and stores and basically gave us a run down on allt he different places and what they sold, he was so funny too, constantly chatting with everyone and cracking jokes and messing with people. We then went to a Speedway to get fuel and had some of the 'best coffee around'. We bought a couple of staeks too, we chatted to the butcher in the supermarket called Bud about what we wanted to cook etc. he went out back and cut us 2 fresh ribeye for us tailor made! legend!

This evening we came back and chilled out, literally, outisde is freezing and the roads are covered in ice. Tomorrow is christmas and i think we're just going to cook good food, have a good time, watch the basketball because theres a few good games on.

Merry christmas everyone

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Arrived today in Indianapolis. This could well be the best hostel we have ever visited, first of all its a huge house converted, really clean, tidy, well decorated, and the guy that runs it is really nice (from England too). He picked us up from the greyhound terminal and brought us back, THEN made us a cup of tea, english tea, not american. THEN cooked us a turkey stir fry for the sake of it... we're not sure what the catch is just yet but he assures us that it was no problem atall!

We're going into town tomorrow to try get some NBA tickets for next week, then the guy is taking us to the super market so we can get some food for christmas day.

Happy birthday to Ruth too xxx

Thursday, 18 December 2008


I never thought i'd become an alcoholic whilst travelling.

I lied

In the last post I said we were getting a bus to Indianapolis yesteray, I lied. We ended up staying here... and are going to stay here in Washington DC until next monday, as the hostel is so good/cheap/comfortable. We been watching Steven Seagal movies, Terminator and NBA on the big TV downstairs and drinking plenty of alcohol with doritos and pizza. Living the good life! YEAAH!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

How coooooool!

Well I think yesterday was one of the best days we've had since we got to America. We got the bus into the city (Washington DC) and had a walk around all the monuments etc. We went to the White house, the big reflection lake which is in Forrest Gump, and also saw the war memorials. We then headed to the Air and Space museum which was entirely free, we ended up playing with all the experiment things they have out so you can have a go yourself, all free!

We then walked back to the hostel, grabbed a chinese, then later in the evening got a few... well... 24 bottles of alcohol from the liquour store and sat infront of the tv watching Independance Day, followed by Home Alone 2. Merry.

We are just hanging out today in the hostel, then catching a bus to Indianapolis this evening at 5pm (all nighter).

We also bought Obama shirts! Yeaaaaaaah!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wash-ing-ton DC

Well we arrived in Washington DC, have found our way to the hostel and got settled in. Its pretty nice, we're practically staying in some guys house, the beds are small double beds which are awesome and really comfortable. We just had a huge chinese dinner out of the lil boxes they have on The Sims, it was soooooooo good.

Going to head into the city tomorrow to have a look around too.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Farewell NYC

Well I have a bit of time to kill this morning so I thought i'd quickly do my last post from New York City. It's been a great time here, tho new york is really not me at all, way too busy, way too 'in your face' and it reminds me too much of London. There's been some really cool people in the hostel with us, some Brizlillian guy came in last night and he knows a guy back home that runs the church that Kaka went to, theres Michael who is the nicest guy you've ever met, he's pretty much been everywhere in America and knows everything about it. He even bought Add a huge bottle of Becks because we gave him 2 paracetemol tablets, what a legend!

So yeah, tonight we'll be in Washington DC with George Bush and same tomorrow night, then we will be driving accross to Indianapolis, where we seriously have no idea what we will do as we don't know anything about it! Can't wait!

Sunday, 14 December 2008


So today we went for a walk down Harlem and found a gospel choir, we sat at the back loving every minute of it, I haven't seen so many people singing 'thank you jesus' in all my life. Was brilliant!

Then we took the tube into town, had a walk around and went to Wall Street, then on to Brooklyn Bridge. Once we got there, there was a police guy standing there with his aviators on, so Add and George (our new english room mate) took a pic of him, he then came storming at us and grabbed Add's camera shouting at him to let go of it. He then shouted at us asking how to delete them.. followed by asking Add how old he was, asking 'do you wanna be 23??' once he deleted the pictures we asked him what was going on and he shouted in our faces if we would like it if someone came along and took photos of us while we were working. He was shouting everything at us and really wasn't happy. I'll tell you now i'll be glad to leave New York, it really does kinda suck in my opinion.

We leave tomorrow morning and getting the bus down to Washington D.C. where we will stay a night or 2.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Liberty/Staton island?

Well today we went into downtown Manhatten with our friend Timo (he's German and staying in our hostel room). We grabbed some lunch then headed down to the south of Manhatten to see ground zero, it was pretty depressing to be perfectly honest and we only walked past it.

We made our way to the ferry terminal, and saw there was a ferry to Staton island at 2:30, it came, we got on, sat down. We then were wondering what island the statue of liberty is actually on... then realised we were on the complete wrong boat. So we stood up and made a run to the back of the boat where they were just pulling the barrier accross, we called out and they opened it up so we could get off and told us to 'hurry the hell up!!'.

We then made our way to the correct ferry terminal and got a boat accross to liberty island and took some photos. Was good.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hi there heat

Ok, so its 8:25am and I've been up about 20 mins. It was really hot in the hostel room last night and I woke up covered in sweat. We went down and told them it was so hot and he turned the temperature down, probably half a degree as it made no difference. So I had a shower, a cold one, at 6am. Got back in bed, woke up at half 7 covered in sweat again.

Probably the most pointless shower I have ever had. Funny stuff.

I'm now writing this in my pants stannding next to the airvent mounted on the window. Nice.

Don't feel tired at all so it's not so bad either, going to go watch some champions league today at lunch. Add's laptop isnt working properly so we're taking that back too. Brilliant.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New York, New York,

Landed in New York JFK yesterday. After the awfully mapped out train from the airport into downtown Manhatten we found our hostel, right in the middle of Harlem.

It's pretty damn cool, yesterday we walked through central park, took way too many pictures of the squirrels. Wandered down to Times Square which was amazing too.

We were asleep by 8:30 last night due to the jet lag. Were up at 7am this morning so left he hostel to go for a walk again at 7:30. Took another stroll through central park, then down to the Rockerfella tower, took some good pics at the top of there.

Come back to the hostel now and just relaxing before we go into the city again to go up the tower again at night (night shots here I come!)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Week off work

Well I left work, last friday. It feels very strange to be home on a Monday with Connie Jean here all day. This time next week i'll be on a flight to New York!

Here is a video my mum took of Connie

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Where am I?

Ring of rainbow
Originally uploaded by Chris Isherwood
Well I haven't updated this for quite a while... I been too damn busy to be honest.

I have under 3 weeks until I go travelling for a year and it's coming round fast. So much to plan, so much to pack and sort out, which is the reason I haven't been on here.

But everything is going well, been messing about with my camera a bit, getting used to all the settings before I embark on my journey.

That's about all I have to say :-)

Monday, 17 November 2008

San Francisco

Originally uploaded by Chris Isherwood
The greatest place on earth. I miss it.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Amelie Maria

Ok well its 8 days until I go to San Francisco and I`m very excited.

I been taking a lot of pics of the moon recently too, which can be seen on my new `flickr` account page here

Last but nowhere near least, my sister gave birth to Amelie Maria on the 22nd, so I now have 2 nieces. Awesome stuff :) well done her

Friday, 12 September 2008

The lights go down in San Francisco

Ok, So I booked a flight to San Francisco to see Ashlee. *smile*. I also downloaded the Bee Gee's 'Best of' and it doesnt even have the lights go down in massechusets, which is awesome song (reason for title).

It was pretty cheap and I am selling my xbox 360 to help pay for it (in order to keep track on with world travelling in December (which is only 86 days away now)).

I am very very excited as never been to America before. I can't wait to have a chili dawg.

I been working alot, talking to Ashlee alot, aaaannnd thats about all really. Not alot exciting.

Ohhh yes, I went to London Zoo which was awesome. Giraffes are awesome. Going up to London again for Nina's birthday in a week or 2 to do some kareoke and visit some random Ice bar? No idea.


Oh and its harvest moon soon, so look out for it being all orange n sheet.

And finally, I discovered the magical world of 'In the night garden'. Its bloody brilliant! Its a tv program my niece watches, well, I say 'watch'... we sit her infront of the tv playing with her toys while we watch it. It has the Pontipine's, who are the most awesome family ever.

Here they are!

The pontipines are friends of mine,

Although they're only small,

Even when theres ten of them,

They're hardly there atall!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Long time no blog, indeed.

All is fine, went to London again with my Ghetto homies which was awesome once again, never fail to have a good time. South East rail suck, majorly. I think i'll walk next time I go up there.

Finally confirmed our flight out of the country in December, the 8th to be precise, at 8:20am. Nice early start. Boomshakalaka.

Been out taking some pictures of the moon aswell, and also moved my furniture around my room for a bit of a channnnnge.

Here is Mr. Moon. In his full.

Monday, 28 July 2008

No More Bets

Great weekend has just passed.

Saturday I went to Canterbury and paid off the rest of my holiday flights, so thats now done and dusted, time to move onto saving for the remaining time I have left in the country.

Had a Wagamama for lunch which was lush, then chinese for dinner which was even more lush, I think I may have overdosed on noodles however.

Then in the evening I went to the Casino, it was awesome. Lost 40 quid but won 35 quid so only 5 down. Happy with that!

Then, sunday, I did nothing!

Friday, 18 July 2008

New laptop, All's good

Bought my badass new laptop.

It's aweeeesome.

Things are going well at the moment, i've done a hell of alot of exercise which probably helps. Been out on my bike alot and played a fair bit of football too.

Nothing much to report to be honest, just living life I guess.

Friday, 11 July 2008


My life is officially now back on track.

Appologies if you have been effected by my negativity recently.

I can now gladly say the phase has passed and I am now better than ever.

Thank you to the ones that have stuck there.

Saturday, 5 July 2008


Today I felt free. I cycled 6 miles to a beach, and I sat on a bench and read. I forgot about a lot of stuff going on at the moment and I felt really out there in the open world. It was awesome.

So thank you beach, thank you bench, thank you book, and thank you bike for helping me feel free today.

Rock on!!

Whilst cycling back I gained a puncure. So I got off, I took the wheel off, i patched it up, put it on, pumped it up. Hell yeah, it worked.

Great sense of achievement, cycled home.

I swear this is what weekends are all about.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Guitar hero is AMAZING

I bought guitar hero today, Aerosmith edition (Aerosmith ROCK) and its UNREAL.


I also realised its so much more fun when you rock it out.

So yeah, all afternoon i've been rocking it out with my **** out

Friday, 27 June 2008

Helium Usage

Place: Frankie and Benny's

e-Monkeys night out fooding and bowling!

Awesome fun!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Coconut? or Bear egg?

Its Monday. I had a good weekend. Saturday I worked all day, was busy, some crappy wedding occurred.

Sunday I watched the grand prix, well done Massa. I also realised I have Lego man hair.

I have also set up a random spin-off site which is amusing to say the least.

Hooray for the Lonely Heart's Club. A portal for completely made up people to look for absolutely nothing. Entirely pointless. But amusing none the less.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


After a very... eventful weekend, I have been thinking recently about life in general and I have a few things on my list I set to achieve before I lose the opportunity.
  • become good friends with an HB10 - Done
  • climb a high hill/mountain and dance at the top of it
  • gain confidence to a point where I don't care about appearance
  • look good
  • grow a beard - Done
  • have a son called Charlie
  • have a daughter
  • get married
  • have an affair
  • own a zippo lighter - Done

I think thats about all I can think of, I had more earlier but... now that I'm here typing they seem to have disappeared. Maybe because its hot and I have nothing but Irn Bru to keep me occupied.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tattoo's... Yay or nay?

7th June...

18:30 - Board train to London
20:30 - Meet Rob + Erwin
20:40 - Spread Eagle


23:00 - Leave pub
23:15 - 01:30 - Walking around London, mostly Leiscter Square, walking up to random groups of people and asking for there views/opinions of things.

90% Success rate....

Awesome time.

03:00 - Head back to Rob's
04:30 - Walking through some random town back to Rob's place, sun is up
05:00 - Guitar hero, I sucked at Cliff's of Dover, Rob rocked out with his pants + socks
05:30 - Alan Partridge on (awesome quote in vid below) - fall asleep

07:00 - Feeling like shit, too hot, head hurts, stomach hurts - bad times.
08:45 - Wake up, get dressed
09:00 - Leave Rob's - get bus, then tube.
10:00 - Parting words to Rob, get on another train
10:30 - Extremely tired, get on the wrong tube train
11:00 - Correct my tube train selection - almost fall asleep standing up
12:00 - Arrive at Victoria station
12:30 - Bought 2 Donuts from Krispy Kreme - Good choice.
13:00 - Leave Victoria - get woken up by a gentle poke from the ticket guy
15:00 - Get back to Dover.


Phrases of the night:

'Maybe just have a beefburger for ya palm ya' no'
'Tattoos.... Yay or nay?'
'We need a hoover in here!'
'Gennaro Gattuso Gianluca Zambrotta Anrea Pirlo'

Thursday, 5 June 2008


I start blogging. It's Thursday the 5th of June and I decided to start blogging.

So I'm at work, doing the usual.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, I'm also looking forward to the KFC we're getting for lunch today.

Saturday night I'm going to London out drinking with my home boi Roberto.

Doing some Serginho'ing