Friday, 22 October 2010

Ride Machete 2011 Review

Meet Maria, my Ride Machete 2011 board. She's brand new, shiny, and very pretty indeed.

Took her out for the first time with new bindings last weekend at Milton Keynes snowdome. After first run I was very unsure, probably the nerves of it all, worried about stacking it or destroying her. Got to the bottom happily, then made a few adjustments to the bindings - as was my first time trying these out too.

Second run the nerves had calmed down and I rode a little more aggressive. This was when she started to show me what she could do. The response of the bindings/board was brilliant, I moved my foot and the whole board adapted itself to move exactly where I wanted, felt very light to menouver and turn round onto switch too.

As I continued to ride it, it kept feeling better and better, the sidewalls really make a difference (Slimewalls) and felt it was much harder to catch an edge (I tested this out and eventually stacked it flying over my toe edge, which made me and a few others chuckle).

Thankfully made it off the slope without any skiiers destroying it too which was a huge bonus.

Sadly I didn't get to try to much popping or kickers as there wern't any out, but next time we go I'll make sure there is.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ride Delta MVMNT 2011 Bindings

...have landed. They are beasts, made from aluminium, light as a feather, responsive, stylish. Black. 3D Toe strap is snug, main boot strap is leather and perfectly shaped. 2.5 degree wedge bases too to improve pop angles and general stance.

First impressions are good, they feel durable and sturdy. The rubber underside is a real nice touch to prevent the binding moving around as you tighten her up. The adjustable hardware runners in the baseplates also great for finding that exact stance and angle. Have set them to -16 / +15 right now but will play around once I'm out there. The highbacks are nicely padded and flexible to give good movement, and a tool-free adjuster to change your angles is a great touch.

Thank you Ride! - Board review to come soon.

Friday, 8 October 2010

How to butter on a snowboard

Well, after a few complications yesterday regarding my new bindings. I ended up going for the Ride Delta MVMNT's, which are pretty much top of the range in Ride bindings, so very happy about that. They were a bit more expensive, but I'm willing to pay a little more for something that will last me a while and keep me satisfied.

Apparently they were dispatched yesterday too, so hopefully recieve them in the next few days.

Tonight I am going to the dryslope again, and going to practice buttering. Apparently buttering is where you put your weight over the nose or tail of your board, causing the opposite end to lift off the ground. Think of it like doing a wheelie on a bike.

Once you can travel along in a straight line on your nose or tail, you can start implementing turns into it, by rotating your body as you balance on your nose/tail.

A butter while on a rail or box is called a nose/tail press - so I've read. Shall give it a go tonight and keep you posted of my progression!

This week has been pretty quick, which is nice. Also looking forward to the grand prix this weekend - come on Alonso.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


So, my new board (pictured) is ordered. It's a 2011 Ride Machete 155, ideal for freestyle riding and park riding. Can't WAIT to take it out to Austria, might even take it to the fridge (milton keynes) to test it out. Also got my BINDINGS (pictured in previous post), which are also Rides, LX bindings in blue. They gave me a 10% discount and threw in a free 'Skiing is for fat kids' T-shirt, which is a nice touch.

VERY EXCITED. Can't wait for it get delivered, unwrap it, stroke it, praise it, give it some love...

New setup

So now that Austria is booked, I've decided to go for a new setup. I'm looking at a freestyle board for park fun, something light weight and easy to get round/up onto rails. Burton Hero was a front runner, but due to the EST binding setup, I cant get the bindings I want (Ride LX in blue, pictured). Going to keep looking though, I'm sure something will come up sooner or later.

As for boarding, I am going on Friday to work on this thing called buttering, which is basically where you ride on your tail or nose end, raising the opposite end up in the air, you can also move onto spinning round while on this end, but get to that later I think!