Wednesday, 17 December 2008

How coooooool!

Well I think yesterday was one of the best days we've had since we got to America. We got the bus into the city (Washington DC) and had a walk around all the monuments etc. We went to the White house, the big reflection lake which is in Forrest Gump, and also saw the war memorials. We then headed to the Air and Space museum which was entirely free, we ended up playing with all the experiment things they have out so you can have a go yourself, all free!

We then walked back to the hostel, grabbed a chinese, then later in the evening got a few... well... 24 bottles of alcohol from the liquour store and sat infront of the tv watching Independance Day, followed by Home Alone 2. Merry.

We are just hanging out today in the hostel, then catching a bus to Indianapolis this evening at 5pm (all nighter).

We also bought Obama shirts! Yeaaaaaaah!