Friday, 12 December 2008

Liberty/Staton island?

Well today we went into downtown Manhatten with our friend Timo (he's German and staying in our hostel room). We grabbed some lunch then headed down to the south of Manhatten to see ground zero, it was pretty depressing to be perfectly honest and we only walked past it.

We made our way to the ferry terminal, and saw there was a ferry to Staton island at 2:30, it came, we got on, sat down. We then were wondering what island the statue of liberty is actually on... then realised we were on the complete wrong boat. So we stood up and made a run to the back of the boat where they were just pulling the barrier accross, we called out and they opened it up so we could get off and told us to 'hurry the hell up!!'.

We then made our way to the correct ferry terminal and got a boat accross to liberty island and took some photos. Was good.