Friday, 12 September 2008

The lights go down in San Francisco

Ok, So I booked a flight to San Francisco to see Ashlee. *smile*. I also downloaded the Bee Gee's 'Best of' and it doesnt even have the lights go down in massechusets, which is awesome song (reason for title).

It was pretty cheap and I am selling my xbox 360 to help pay for it (in order to keep track on with world travelling in December (which is only 86 days away now)).

I am very very excited as never been to America before. I can't wait to have a chili dawg.

I been working alot, talking to Ashlee alot, aaaannnd thats about all really. Not alot exciting.

Ohhh yes, I went to London Zoo which was awesome. Giraffes are awesome. Going up to London again for Nina's birthday in a week or 2 to do some kareoke and visit some random Ice bar? No idea.


Oh and its harvest moon soon, so look out for it being all orange n sheet.

And finally, I discovered the magical world of 'In the night garden'. Its bloody brilliant! Its a tv program my niece watches, well, I say 'watch'... we sit her infront of the tv playing with her toys while we watch it. It has the Pontipine's, who are the most awesome family ever.

Here they are!

The pontipines are friends of mine,

Although they're only small,

Even when theres ten of them,

They're hardly there atall!