Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Movember and Injuries

So it's all been going on recently, I shall try fit everything in.

Firstly I have been doing Movember this month, where you grow a Mo-ustache for all of November, in aid of Prostate Cancer. So far me and a few colleagues have raised over £300 and it's still growing, which is really good and I'm really happy about.

Secondly I went boarding last week on ramps and rails night, using a new board (after my current dryslope board lost part of her edge, hopefully be able to fix it). Was doing a few big kickers and surprising myself with how well I was landing them. Then things went downhill, crashed a few times, dented my confidence, then the last run I did I fell over my tail as I landed, causing me to slide down on my side - shirt/hoody raised up and I ended up losing a bit of skin from my armpit down to my hip - has now healed nicely but was pretty nasty at the time :-).

Thirdly, work, wow, an interesting blog entry about work? Really? I started my Business Diploma yesterday, my assessor was very nice and helpful, and some how I am actually looking forward to starting a bit of extra work and learning new things. I am also moving positions (hopefully, nothing confirmed) in April next year, so a post more suitable to my skills.

It is now 51 days until we head out to Austria boarding, really am looking forward to it.

And finally, a congratulations to my sister Alison and Peter who got married the other day up a mountain (as you do).

Monday, 8 November 2010

No New Posts

I'd love to say I've had nothing interesting to post about, but sadly it's quite the opposite. I haven't had any time to sit and type since my last post a few weeks ago.

Halloween was very good, wore makeup for the first time and busted out some bad boy skeleton dancing. Have discovered a lot of new music which has been keeping my ears warm. Have discovered some people are not quite who you think they are, which is not always a bad thing, quite a good thing in this instance, but no more on that.

I have been playing guitar solidly the past week, and also spent the last 6 days eating out - mum is loving it. I am breaking my bank and probably going to get fat, but having a pretty damn good time while I'm at it.

Sad news, Shirley has lost part of her edge (my freestyle board) and so she is currently awaiting some minor surgery to get her 'ride-worthy' again.

And it was a year ago on the 30th October since Cleo left us, still missing her greatly.