Thursday, 9 September 2010


So I landed a frontside 180 off a kicker tonight which was pretty sweet, being able to ride switch has def. helped a lot, will be moving on to more advanced stuff soon. Sadly I had a fair bit to drink half way tonight and it kinda ruined my ramps, landed some really nasty big air on my knees but thank god for knee pads. Tonight was good, frontside boardsliding again which is good, got over my fear of smashing my face up again.

Good night all round, lookin forward to what this weekend has in stall too ;-)

Monday, 6 September 2010

So tired

I think the last week of events has caught up with me. 2 snowboarding trips, a 10k charity run and, well, nothing yesterday.

Back to work today after a pretty good weekend, Saturday I spent over near Ashford where I did my first competitive run, and I beat more people than people beat me so really happy about that, also ran my quickest 10km in 48 minutes which is pretty cool.

I have no idea what the plans for this week are, think i'm going to cinema tonighhhhttt. Going to go boarding a few days after work this week, really have been working hard on riding switch and getting my 180 jumps down, in preparation for holiday next year, which is looking like south of france at the moment......

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So tonight was the first night in a while I've had time to sit about and do nothing. This weekend just gone I went to a snowboarding event where they had an airbag on the other side of a vert ramp which was very daunting at first but once I did it the first go it was pretty immense.

Managed half of a front flip indy grab which some professional photographer got on camera too which is good stuff.

Doing a sponsored run on Saturday which I have been training for, looking forward to that also. I have also been looking at booking a snowboarding holiday for next February/January.

Work has been going well, especially as this time next year I could be doing a degree, all paid for, which would then cut down my hours to 3 days a week but full pay. Nice!

Have been looking at getting a new car, some new bindings, a new helmet cam for holiday, and also holiday. It never appears to end this 'spending' stuff.