Sunday, 14 December 2008


So today we went for a walk down Harlem and found a gospel choir, we sat at the back loving every minute of it, I haven't seen so many people singing 'thank you jesus' in all my life. Was brilliant!

Then we took the tube into town, had a walk around and went to Wall Street, then on to Brooklyn Bridge. Once we got there, there was a police guy standing there with his aviators on, so Add and George (our new english room mate) took a pic of him, he then came storming at us and grabbed Add's camera shouting at him to let go of it. He then shouted at us asking how to delete them.. followed by asking Add how old he was, asking 'do you wanna be 23??' once he deleted the pictures we asked him what was going on and he shouted in our faces if we would like it if someone came along and took photos of us while we were working. He was shouting everything at us and really wasn't happy. I'll tell you now i'll be glad to leave New York, it really does kinda suck in my opinion.

We leave tomorrow morning and getting the bus down to Washington D.C. where we will stay a night or 2.