Sunday, 29 June 2008

Guitar hero is AMAZING

I bought guitar hero today, Aerosmith edition (Aerosmith ROCK) and its UNREAL.


I also realised its so much more fun when you rock it out.

So yeah, all afternoon i've been rocking it out with my **** out

Friday, 27 June 2008

Helium Usage

Place: Frankie and Benny's

e-Monkeys night out fooding and bowling!

Awesome fun!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Coconut? or Bear egg?

Its Monday. I had a good weekend. Saturday I worked all day, was busy, some crappy wedding occurred.

Sunday I watched the grand prix, well done Massa. I also realised I have Lego man hair.

I have also set up a random spin-off site which is amusing to say the least.

Hooray for the Lonely Heart's Club. A portal for completely made up people to look for absolutely nothing. Entirely pointless. But amusing none the less.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


After a very... eventful weekend, I have been thinking recently about life in general and I have a few things on my list I set to achieve before I lose the opportunity.
  • become good friends with an HB10 - Done
  • climb a high hill/mountain and dance at the top of it
  • gain confidence to a point where I don't care about appearance
  • look good
  • grow a beard - Done
  • have a son called Charlie
  • have a daughter
  • get married
  • have an affair
  • own a zippo lighter - Done

I think thats about all I can think of, I had more earlier but... now that I'm here typing they seem to have disappeared. Maybe because its hot and I have nothing but Irn Bru to keep me occupied.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tattoo's... Yay or nay?

7th June...

18:30 - Board train to London
20:30 - Meet Rob + Erwin
20:40 - Spread Eagle


23:00 - Leave pub
23:15 - 01:30 - Walking around London, mostly Leiscter Square, walking up to random groups of people and asking for there views/opinions of things.

90% Success rate....

Awesome time.

03:00 - Head back to Rob's
04:30 - Walking through some random town back to Rob's place, sun is up
05:00 - Guitar hero, I sucked at Cliff's of Dover, Rob rocked out with his pants + socks
05:30 - Alan Partridge on (awesome quote in vid below) - fall asleep

07:00 - Feeling like shit, too hot, head hurts, stomach hurts - bad times.
08:45 - Wake up, get dressed
09:00 - Leave Rob's - get bus, then tube.
10:00 - Parting words to Rob, get on another train
10:30 - Extremely tired, get on the wrong tube train
11:00 - Correct my tube train selection - almost fall asleep standing up
12:00 - Arrive at Victoria station
12:30 - Bought 2 Donuts from Krispy Kreme - Good choice.
13:00 - Leave Victoria - get woken up by a gentle poke from the ticket guy
15:00 - Get back to Dover.


Phrases of the night:

'Maybe just have a beefburger for ya palm ya' no'
'Tattoos.... Yay or nay?'
'We need a hoover in here!'
'Gennaro Gattuso Gianluca Zambrotta Anrea Pirlo'

Thursday, 5 June 2008


I start blogging. It's Thursday the 5th of June and I decided to start blogging.

So I'm at work, doing the usual.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, I'm also looking forward to the KFC we're getting for lunch today.

Saturday night I'm going to London out drinking with my home boi Roberto.

Doing some Serginho'ing