Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, today we got up - it was freezing and raining outside, so we didn't go into town. Garth, (the guy that runs this house) asked if we wanted to go to the supermarket with him, he also suggested we go to this all you can eat chinese buffet, which we did. So we went to the buffet and it was amazing, there was so much food, so much dessert, everything you can ask for. So then Garth took us around all of the supermarkets and stores and basically gave us a run down on allt he different places and what they sold, he was so funny too, constantly chatting with everyone and cracking jokes and messing with people. We then went to a Speedway to get fuel and had some of the 'best coffee around'. We bought a couple of staeks too, we chatted to the butcher in the supermarket called Bud about what we wanted to cook etc. he went out back and cut us 2 fresh ribeye for us tailor made! legend!

This evening we came back and chilled out, literally, outisde is freezing and the roads are covered in ice. Tomorrow is christmas and i think we're just going to cook good food, have a good time, watch the basketball because theres a few good games on.

Merry christmas everyone