Monday, 15 December 2008

Farewell NYC

Well I have a bit of time to kill this morning so I thought i'd quickly do my last post from New York City. It's been a great time here, tho new york is really not me at all, way too busy, way too 'in your face' and it reminds me too much of London. There's been some really cool people in the hostel with us, some Brizlillian guy came in last night and he knows a guy back home that runs the church that Kaka went to, theres Michael who is the nicest guy you've ever met, he's pretty much been everywhere in America and knows everything about it. He even bought Add a huge bottle of Becks because we gave him 2 paracetemol tablets, what a legend!

So yeah, tonight we'll be in Washington DC with George Bush and same tomorrow night, then we will be driving accross to Indianapolis, where we seriously have no idea what we will do as we don't know anything about it! Can't wait!