Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Build a Droid by CJ Isherwood
Build a Droid, a photo by CJ Isherwood on Flickr.
Been a while since last post (probably said that in most of my blog entries so I don't know why I bother really). Me and Cheryl have just had 2 weeks off work, the first week was spent in Livigno, Italy (snowboarding). The second, we didn't do a lot, just lazed around, made a cake for Cheryl's dad, I did a presentation at university which concluded my second term and that was pretty much all. But it's nice to have some time off to just not do anything.

As far as photography goes, the last few weeks have been pretty much Lego orientated. Moving from minifigures to Star Wars figures and from a small box studio to outside in the garden. I have seen progression in my photos using the mini-studio, getting the hang of changing the lighting and aperture to make the shots come out like I imagine (attached image is one of my favourites).

Last night I was called up to the local Fire station, to take some photos of the fire crew before they part ways - the village station is being shut down due to budgets etc. (same as everywhere else in the country). It was nice to get out and try put my photography knowledge under some pressure to produce results, and I'm reasonably happy with how the photos came out.

I have fallen behind with my running, but have started it up again (slowly catching up with my goal - 17 miles behind! - was 21).

Not a lot coming up that I know of, but I'm thinking of going away for a weekend sometime with Cheryl - a mini getaway.

(judging by this post I use brackets too often)