Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Great Easter

Isn't she a beauty? by CJ Isherwood
Well, as the Easter Holiday draws to a close, I thought I'd post a little something about how good it was. This Easter was spent looking after cats, spending time with both our families, shopping, egg hunts, and more shopping...

I've been continuing to keep on my Lego theme, and really enjoying it. Views have increased, but in different ways - I think people used to seeing landscape/animals/cat photos on my Flickr are slightly confused or surprised about the constant flow of small plastic men. However this has moved my audience into fellow Lego fans which has been great as things people have uploaded and shared have been inspiring and mostly amusing/fun.

As you can see, Cheryl let me buy the Millennium Falcon Lego set, which I must say (although expensive) is well worth the money. The build was fun, theres a lot of detail, and it's pretty big too for the price (along with some cool figures), I am hoping to get some photos of it soon when I get the time.

We spent 2 hours last night putting it together, and then spent a little time afterwards playing with it. I'm looking forward to the weekend when I can round up the troops and plan an attack on Cheryl while she has a lay in.

We set up an egg hunt for my niece Connie, who seemed to really enjoy it, using the clues to find the next eggs etc. and managed to do a little hunt in the garden even though it was a bit wet.

Of course, Cheryl put her skills to good use and made some Easter cakes, which looked really good and tasted even better.

It's been nice having the time off work, and having another 3 day weekend at the end of this week which will be nice too. We've also started reading more - I've started reading The Game of Thrones, which is 800+ pages of small tiny text, which I'm about 250 pages in to (and pretty hooked). While Cheryl is reading/has read the Hunger Games, which we are going to go watch in the cinema this evening! Good times!