Saturday, 11 February 2012

A New Look

I have decided to enhance this blog/site, add more to it, contribute to it more. I have recently got rid of my Facebook as I found I really didn't feel the need to keep it. I found it a bit odd that people I haven't seen for years (since school) were able to see what I was doing - not that I put a lot on there.  So it brings me here - back to a blog that I haven't been on for coming up to a year.

Eye see you by CJ Isherwood
Eye see you, a photo by CJ Isherwood on Flickr.
With 2012 sneaking up quickly and already being way into the second month - I have been trying to get back into the hobbies I enjoy doing. I've recently started getting back into photography a hell of a lot more. I've bought a few new tools to expand my horizons and parameters - a couple of macro tubes to help me zoom in, a macro 'flash' which is pretty much a ring of LED's that attaches to the front of the lens. Both of these used for the featured image of the eye. It's a shame about the white ring from the flash showing in the reflection, but I was still kinda happy with it.
Another 'challenge' I have 'stupidly' given myself for 2012 is to run 212 (2012 - get it?) miles... I've been running a few years, but never consistently throughout the whole 12 months. I've been out a few times, but due to the snow we've had recently I've not been out. I'm currently 4.16 miles behind my target - having run 18.89 miles so far (thanks to Nike+ for stats!) but with a few runs when the snow clears I should be back on track.

Cheryl is also starting a blog for her cakes (finally) it'll be a great place to showcase her huge amount of awesomely decorated cakes! Will post a link on here when it's up.