Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What's up

Great Orion Nebula
Originally uploaded by Chris Isherwood
Took this photo the other night of the Orion constellation, and the little fuzzy patch just below the middle of the shot is the Great Orion Nebula, a cloud of gasses forming new stars.

I've got the bug back for photography, and astrophotography. I have bought an adapter for my camera so I can attach it to my telescope and get some sturdier and hopefully better shots of the moon and planets. In the long run I'd love to look into long exposures and getting some shots of deep space objects.

Other news is I may be buying 1 or 2 second hand snowboards, probably for use on the dry slope. I'm thinking of painting/designing my own artwork on one of them, but will probably need to spend a fortune on the materials etc.