Monday, 7 February 2011

Boarding again?

Well, I have reset myself back into my usual routine after returning from Austria. It didn't take long, and in all honesty wasn't as bad as I thought originally, probably because things have been going above average recently. Things are moving at a pace I'd like them to move at, maybe too fast if anything.

Work has got busier, social life has got busier, and things I need to do has gone up. I'm working on a video using all the footage I got from Austria and I've got nowhere with it as it takes time, which I seem to have little of right now. But, I'm not complaining, it's nice doing things all the time, it gives you less time to sit around thinking too much.

As for what's coming up, we've been looking at another boarding holiday in March, possibly France this time, though time will tell on that one. Also looking to go away in May somewhere nice, I've got my eye on Dubai but will need to look into it a little more.

Some other things I've done, I got a new windscreen on my car, I've watched a lot of good movies (The Prestige - good stuff), I've made a Katsu Curry, I bought a new keyboard for my netbook as it broke, annnnnd I'm going for Sushi tonight.