Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Snowboard Paint Job

Snowboard Paint Job by Chris Isherwood
Snowboard Paint Job a photo by Chris Isherwood on Flickr.

Been pretty busy lately, booked a second boarding holiday this season, this time we're going to south of France for 5 days riding. Also bought 2 new (well, second hand) snowboards.

I decided to give one of the boards a new look, I bought the pictured board and another board for £80 second hand. The board is pretty old, has a few notches in it through wear and tear, but overall not bad condition.

I did a little research online on how to do it, and went and bought a few bits and pieces. I bought some primer, masking tape, and some black paint for the base start (came to about £15 total).

Firs step... sanding it down.