Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ride Delta MVMNT 2011 Bindings

...have landed. They are beasts, made from aluminium, light as a feather, responsive, stylish. Black. 3D Toe strap is snug, main boot strap is leather and perfectly shaped. 2.5 degree wedge bases too to improve pop angles and general stance.

First impressions are good, they feel durable and sturdy. The rubber underside is a real nice touch to prevent the binding moving around as you tighten her up. The adjustable hardware runners in the baseplates also great for finding that exact stance and angle. Have set them to -16 / +15 right now but will play around once I'm out there. The highbacks are nicely padded and flexible to give good movement, and a tool-free adjuster to change your angles is a great touch.

Thank you Ride! - Board review to come soon.