Friday, 8 October 2010

How to butter on a snowboard

Well, after a few complications yesterday regarding my new bindings. I ended up going for the Ride Delta MVMNT's, which are pretty much top of the range in Ride bindings, so very happy about that. They were a bit more expensive, but I'm willing to pay a little more for something that will last me a while and keep me satisfied.

Apparently they were dispatched yesterday too, so hopefully recieve them in the next few days.

Tonight I am going to the dryslope again, and going to practice buttering. Apparently buttering is where you put your weight over the nose or tail of your board, causing the opposite end to lift off the ground. Think of it like doing a wheelie on a bike.

Once you can travel along in a straight line on your nose or tail, you can start implementing turns into it, by rotating your body as you balance on your nose/tail.

A butter while on a rail or box is called a nose/tail press - so I've read. Shall give it a go tonight and keep you posted of my progression!

This week has been pretty quick, which is nice. Also looking forward to the grand prix this weekend - come on Alonso.