Saturday, 10 January 2009


Well I think the last 3 days have been the busiest of the trip so far. Where do I start.

We went to the Grand Canyon - my god it's huge. We went on a tour with a guide called Thomas, he was from Germany and didn't like his job, yet he was a really good guide and looked after us well. We saw a lot of the South rim of it, seeing accross about 25 miles of it. So we took a lot of photos too and had a really good day.

HDR Photo of the Grand Canyon

So then 2 days after that we went with our new friend Jasper (from Denmark) in his hire car down to Sedona Vally, which was almost as impressive. It was really hot (no jacket needed) and the sun was out with clear blue skies. We drove the car round to a few different points which are great for taking photos. At one point we went on a walk around a rock which we needed to cross a river to, so I managed to step stone half way accross then rolled my trouser legs up for the 2nd part, when add came behind me he dropped his shoe in the river and it got swept down stream, luckily it got caught on a rock about 20ft further down and he managed to get it. Very funny stuff though, it looked like a raft perched on the edge of a waterfall waiting to plunge down.

Here is a picture of Sedona Vally

On the way back from Sedona Vally we stopped off at a Meteor Crater, which was absolutely huge. Had to pay a bit to get in but it was kinda worth it as there was a museum and cinema film they showed about how it happened, it was simply just a huuuuuuge hole in the ground formed by a meteorite (American's obviously named it as a 'Meteor' is a rock that is actually burnt out whilst entering the atmosphere and therefore doesn't hit earth, a 'Meteorite' on the other hand is an object that does not fully burn out and hits the earth). Meaning the crater was caused by a meteorite, not a meteor. But I guess nobody cares.

So then we move on to today, we got up at 8am and set out forward with Jasper in the hire car, coinsidently he is on his way to San Francisco and wanted to go via the national parks, so today we went through Monument Vally. Wow. It was probably one of the greatest parts of the world I have been to. We paid $5 to get in the door, but then they gave us a map to show how we could drive round the 35km of track that goes round the whole park. There were so many interesting and amazing rock formations, just standing in the middle of nowhere. Really really enjoyed it.

An hour later we went to a 'Natural Bridges' park in Utah. We saw a sign for it on the way back and thought we'd go check it out. After slowly driving behind a herd of pregnant and curious cows, we got to the park. It was a simple track that you drive round, park, get out, walk 100 yds to the edge of a canyon and look down at these natural bridges that have been formed by mother nature. A few of them were really big and impressive, but were covered in snow and it was getting dark by the time we got there, so didn't spend long.

We have just arrived in a town called Moab which is middle eastern Utah, tomorrow I think we will be going to more National parks to see more amazing sights.