Sunday, 4 January 2009

Greetings from Flagstaff

Ok well we made the 36 (turned out to be 40) hour journey from Indianapolis to Flagstaff, Arizona. We got on the first bus with only 4 seats left as it also turns out that the US army finishes there Christmas break this weekend, meaning every soldier was on the greyhound busses this weekend. We managed to find random seats, which took us to St. Louis. Once we got there we managed to re-board, and once again, we were the last ones on the bus (very lucky). What was even luckier was the fact someone asked to swap there 2 free seats for adds 1 free seat at the front, which meant we managed to get seats together, considering it was the last 2 seats on the bus we got really lucky. We then travelled hundered of miles and hours through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona, where it's snowing. It's been snowing for a long time here (as its about 4000ft above sea level here) and in some stages we've stood in snow up to the tops of our legs. It's snowing outside as i type this too and not sure when it will stop.

Tomorrow we are getting picked up at 9am from the hostel to be taken away to the Grand Canyon, we have bought a tour which includes guides, hikes and transportation which sounds really good fun and can't wait for that.

The internet at the hostel is about as good as the current weather is for sunbathing, so we are currently at a really cool coffee shop roudn the corner which has free wifi to use.

Shall talk soon and upload a few photos too. We're on to Vegas next but not sure when.