Friday, 31 December 2010

Hello 2011

So, 2010 is leaving and 2011 is coming. It's been an interesting year, a few lows, a lot of highs, I think if 2011 is similar to 2010 I won't complain, but I'll be hoping (naturally) that it shall be better. A main part of 2010 has been snowboarding, I feel I've improved a lot, learnt a few new things and in general got a lot more involved with it.

Its 2 weeks exactly until we (me, Cheryl, Mark and Ben) go to Austria, my GoPro HD Helmet cam (with wide angle lens) was delivered yesterday and it's super sweet, so will get some good footage with that. They seem to have had a lot of snow recently, so should be some good conditions out there. We're looking at doing some freestyle course if there are some going, to work on a few techniques and get Cheryl out of her comfort zone a bit.

Boarding Summary
In 2010 I've ridden switch, learnt to land frontside 180's comfortably, managed a few backside 180's, done an indy, melon, roast beef, tindy. Also learnt to butter, tail press and have nailed a few tail blocks too. Also done some frontside and backside boardslides and 50-50's.

In 2011 I want to be more comfortable with backside 180's, nail a few more rails, and get some more air off kickers.