Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So tonight was the first night in a while I've had time to sit about and do nothing. This weekend just gone I went to a snowboarding event where they had an airbag on the other side of a vert ramp which was very daunting at first but once I did it the first go it was pretty immense.

Managed half of a front flip indy grab which some professional photographer got on camera too which is good stuff.

Doing a sponsored run on Saturday which I have been training for, looking forward to that also. I have also been looking at booking a snowboarding holiday for next February/January.

Work has been going well, especially as this time next year I could be doing a degree, all paid for, which would then cut down my hours to 3 days a week but full pay. Nice!

Have been looking at getting a new car, some new bindings, a new helmet cam for holiday, and also holiday. It never appears to end this 'spending' stuff.