Monday, 28 June 2010

What is this

Life? really?

Just a bit of silliness really. Live amongst strangers, few familiar faces, die alone, afterlife of your own choice.

Right now I have come to terms that nothing is forever, nothing is set in stone, and things change over night. Your future is only partly up to you, you have little say or doing on your future. I believe your life is planned out before you're born, how could it not be? The idea of free thinking is just a novelty. Which is why I feel people should sit back and enjoy their journey, enjoy the beginning, enjoy the middle, and enjoy the ending. It will be bumpy, it will go up and down, it will be freewheeling downhill with the wind in your hair, but it will always end the same way. Appreciate the journey while your still travelling, and savour the bad times as well as the good, a happy medium of good and bad times is key to the karma of your life. If you're going through bad times, savour them, think about how bad they are, dwell on the sadness, the pain, the annoyance and anger, and soak it up, as one day it will go, and it will turn to happiness, joy, and positive feelings, which would be made so much sweeter and mean so much more if you appreciate the bad times as well.

And most importantly, make sure you like yourself, make sure that if you had to share a room, or an apartment with yourself, that you wouldn't give yourself a headache or annoy yourself. You are the only person you will spend your whole life with, so get to know you, and appreciate you, and have a good time with you.

Do it